A cinematic science festival  in scenic Goa…

16th to 19th January, 2019

The world of cinema often owes a great deal of its success to science. Thanks to technological advances, viewers now have an enhanced visual effects, voice modulation, surreal video quality and an overall cinematic experience like never before. But that is not all that science has given to society…sometimes, scientific discoveries and scientists have driven the entire plot of the movie.

The Martian, starring Matt Damon, would have appealed to physicists, chemists and biologists alike. The Russell Crowe starrer A Beautiful Mind probably led most people to tear their brains apart trying to assimilate the characters brain patterns, but then some in the audience were captivated by the sophistication. What about 2012 or World War Z?  These films made us think about our existence and the possible extinction of the human race? Movies have always tried to explain to us scientific theories and concepts, though not always well founded, nevertheless, thought provoking.

Not everyone watches a movie like Interstellar or Gravity in the same manner. Some are enthralled by the massive satellites – the architecture and the physics behind its floating existence; others are captured by the stories of the lives of the characters portrayed. Movies like The Imitation Game or The Theory of Everything connect to the audience on an intellectual and emotional level. That’s the power of cinema – to reach out to people with varied interests and needs.

Vigyan Parishad – Goa, a science movement that has been taking great strides to popularize and propagate the concepts of Science among the student community, is all set to host the Science Film Festival of India (SCI-FFI) in Goa. Taking notes from huge potential of brand Goa as a film festival destination, it has joined hands with the Department of Science and Technology-Goa, Entertainment Society of Goa, Goa Science Centre and National Institute of Oceanography, to host an unique festival to be held in the ESG premises from January 16 to 19, 2019.

The four day event is packed with film screenings, discussions, interactive sessions and workshops with experts and scientists. There will be presentations on space and the environment and interesting lectures on robotics, Hands on Science and practical Maths. 

In a build up to the festival, experts and scientists from NIO and elsewhere have been visiting schools and delivering interactive sessions on different topics such as astronomy, marine oceanography and bio-invasion, climatic change and natural disasters and geology. 100 schools all over Goa will be covered as part of pre-fest.

SCI-FFI will open up your mind to the world of cinema and you will never view films the same way again. More than appreciating the influence that Science has over cinema, the festival aims to celebrate the collaboration between Science and cinema. This is an opportunity for all of us, students of science or not, to come together and witness this freshly created concept of a film festival themed around the marvels of Science.