Vidnyan Parishad

About Vidnyan Parishad- Goa

Registered NGO (Reg. No. 144/Goa / 2006)

Vidnyan Parishad, Goa derives inspiration from Vijnana Bharati, an all India Organization set up with a mission to identify the Ancient Science & Technology contributions of India and to enlighten the Scientists, Teachers and Students of new generation by making available that knowledge on modern lines.

Objectives of Vidnyan Parishad

  1. Enlightening the Science teacher and students of new generation by imparting them the knowledge of ancient Indian scientific and technical contributions through lectures,discussions, seminar etc.
  2. To encourage and inspire the young students to develop interest in ancient Bhartiya Science by helping them to collect information from Sanskrit literature and recent contributions by different authors in the field.
  3. To make villages self reliant by impacting traditional and rural technology.
  4. To help the people by giving modern interpretation of various ancient and modern scientific achievements by various means.
  5. To develop scientific attitude and organizational skill among young students and to popularize Bhartiya thought approach.

Activities conducted by Vidnyan Parishad

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