Cosmic Egg: Low Cost Inflatable Mobile Planetarium

Cosmic Egg: Low cost inflatable mobile planetarium.
The low-cost planetarium aims to spread the wonders of cosmos to all students in
our society. Many superstitious beliefs like astrology made a strong foundation in
young minds and hindering the collective growth of Nation. Making them aware of
real science behind the cosmic bodies will open up their mind. Our main motto is
to create scientific temper among the students.

The show of consist of general introduction about our solar system and a scientific and story of an eclipse. The duration of each show is about 15minutes. and at each batch can accommodate 15-20 students.

1. Main objective is to promote the wonders of cosmos to the government school and
physical disable school students through mobile planetarium.
2. To create the scientific temper among young students.
3. Students able to understand the planetary system and science behind the cosmic
events like eclipse or transits of planets.
4. Eradication of superstitious belief (Astrology) among young students through
planetarium show .

Innovation and creativity develops curiosity . Experimentation on new
things always excites and encourages us to take up some similar
projects . During this project we also got to know about our quality of
education in our village schools. Some teachers are lacking in basic
concepts in science. During our sessions, most students asked
questions relating to astrology and particularly asked lot of questions
about Saturn’s effect on our life. We had learned many things from this
project .