Film Making Workshop

The film-making workshop aids an audience to re-energize as they focus on knowing science as more fun and meaningful through not just viewing and listening, but also training in the art of the subject and its use in the entertainment and film industry.

The workshop was conducted on the 12th and 13th of January 2019 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at Maquinez Hall II. The resource persons that made the event a successful one were Rakesh Rao, Shubhankar Kundaikar and Venkatesh P Prabhu. 

On Day 1, 12th January 2019 the following activities and consultations were carried out. 

  • Science Films: Need of the Hour  – By Rakesh Rao
  • The Art of Cinematography- By Shubhankar Kundaikar
  • Beginners guide to Editing – By Venkatesh Prabhu
  • Field Photograph and Filming: Fun and Challenges – By Rakesh Rao
  • Topics for Short Film

On Day 2, 13th January 2019 the events and discussions below took place.

  • A quick follow up on team ideas and script.
  • Shooting in campus
  • Transferring data on to their laptops.
  • Editing and compiling film.
  • Viewing and reviewing each team film.