Workshop on “FUNdamental Science” by Surendra Kulkarni from TIFR

Prof Surendra Kulkarni from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) will conduct exciting workshops on the following themes

Your HOME is a lab, and SCIENCE is your lab partner!!

Learn to build your experimental skills by formulating your experiments in simple Query-Observations-Conclusion styles. This process is very crucial to learning science, because having a goal is as important as the journey to achieving it!
Query, Observations and Conclusion form the basic tenets of scientific inquiry and the current generation is deprived of the at least the first two, and commonly err on their conclusions.  Seeking answers to simple queries backed by careful observations  ( and knowing how to do this correctly) can be so satisfying……Join Prof Surendra Kulkarni in this fascinating  lecture-demo of simple science at home.  . As the old proverb goes “Charity begins at HOME!” then why not SCIENCE ??

Chemistry is fun

This lecture-demo is about simple yet exciting Chemistry experiments that can be performed by anyone without getting worried about balancing equations or doing lots of math. Come find out how chemistry can be made safe and a thoroughly enriched learning experience at home, without having to learn by rote, or simply memorize jargon.