Hands-on Science

Explore  and solve intriguing mysteries using science and math with  Mr.Manish Jain.

  • Sherlock Holmes mystery : “Which way did the cyclist go?  Let the tracks in the mud tell you! “
  • “Tick Tock, listen to the chime, with indistinguishable hour and minute hand , how will you tell the time?”
  • Harmony in harmonium! (The math behind width of the keys)
  • days and nights on moon, 8 beat table taal, Fibonacci numbers and many many more interesting stories.

Behind each of these interesting stories is something very captivating from the world of science and math. So this workshop  hopefully brings forth particpants’ inherent creativity and sense of wonder.

We will see how seemingly simple looking “toys” can demonstrate complex and beautiful scientific concepts.We will build, cut, stick, pull things apart and put things together. We will make platonic solids, 3D structures, spinners, motors, generators, gliders (if we have time). This hands-on approach to science and maths makes learning experiential and exciting!