INDIAN Science

Today most of us perceive science as an import from western countries or from non-Indian scientists such as Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Neils Bohr etc. But if we allow our mind to explore the ancient Indian scriptures like Vedas, Upanishadas and also the academic works authored by great sages such as Maharshi Kanad, Aryabhatta, Shukracharya etc we may find that they are overflowing with scientific knowledge on astronomy, physics, engineering, metallurgy, alchemy, medicine and much more.

So on the occasion of science film festival 2018 we have got the opportunity to organise a workshop on Indian sciences for young minds where they can learn and do simple experiments along with the knowledge of basic Sanskrit language.

  1. A wheel that spins one rotation a day
  2. Closed distillation furnace.
  3. Cotton thread moisture indicator
  4. Useful chemical from Banana peel
  5. Electrochemical cell

and so on….

The goal behind this workshop and exhibition is to make the young minds aware of the richness and contributions of Indian science. We hope to motivate them to generate interest in it and be proud of their heritage. We will build, cut, stick, pull things apart and put things together to explain experiments in various shlokas.