Workshops Scheduled as part of SCI-FFI 2018

The best thing a child can do with a toy is to break it, explore it and then put it back together. In today’s competitive and fast-paced world children do not get enough time to play and explore what they ‘learn’.  Although contemporary education does focus on including hands-on experiences while learning science, the scope of these experiments is usually limited due to time and resource constraints. Another aspect of contemporary education is the tremendous focus on rote learning of theoretical concepts. Thus, even the most well-intended syllabus can fall short of providing students a platform to safely explore their own ideas and creative abilities while learning science, and also impact their interest in pursuing science as a career.

SCI-FFI 2018 Workshops are designed with the primary goal of proving to students that ‘learning science’ can be simplified and made exciting too!

Many of the hands-on experiments and demonstrations in these sessions will unravel simple, and sometimes complicated mysteries for these budding scientists to solve. Participants will visualize how seemingly simple looking “toys” can be used to communicate complex and beautiful scientific concepts. Participants will build, cut, stick;  pull things apart and put things together. They will make platonic solids or 3D structures, spinners, motors, generators, gliders etc.,using inexpensive, everyday materials. This hands-on approach to science and maths makes learning experiential and boosts the sense of wonder and inherent creativity in students.

You think astronomy and mathematics were the most boring subjects ever? Come and watch Mr VSS Sastry turn your view to the mathematical beauty of everyday objects!

Are you the go green eco-friendly geek in your community? Come find out how you can create the best out of waste with Mr.Manish Jain!

Or maybe you are the tech-savvy cool kid who likes to build and dismantle robots? Come find out more with Team Phoenix and Robotech!!

So, join these amazing experts as they take us through the magical world of hands-on science exploration!After all, The best thing a child can do with a toy is to break it, explore it and then put it back together.