Pre-Fest 2019

SCI-FFI 2019 has been having an innovative concept of inspiring science through films to encourage the youth to have a pro-active experience with various activities held during the prefest.

The gusto of such an event began weeks before where the pre-fest set a stage to true learning and familiarities with the subject and its branches through visiting and hosting such an event to understand an audience that stands heart to an occasion.

The broad arena of Science is instilled in minds through school visits by renowned scientists who better explain theories through films. The interaction process helps build confidence and understanding among the students from varied age groups. This keeps them exposed to the up-to-the-minute in Science.

Pre-fest activities include that were carried out in 125 schools of 10 Talukas across the length and breadth of the state. It inspires and emboldens young minds to look beyond class-confined knowledge and to comprehend facts.

The milestone schools included Mustifund Higher Secondary School, Matoshri Indirabai Baburao Khandeparka High School, Ponda with 5 other GVM schools attending the event, Mount Litera Zee School as the Vasco, Purshottam Wallavalkar School, Mapusa, Parvatibai Chowgule college of Arts & Science, Gogol as the 125th, 100th ,75th , 50th and 25th school covered respectively.

The pre-fest on current status covered 93 schools, 25 higher secondaries and 9 colleges with 52 resource persons; 45 holding a doctorate and 7 Research Scholars.