SCI-FFI 2016

In a build up to the festival, experts and scientists from NIO and elsewhere have been visiting schools and delivering interactive sessions on different topics such as Astronomy, Marine Oceanography and Bio-invasion, Climatic Change and Natural disasters and Geology. There have been sessions on Animation and Antarctica. The scientists plan to travel to at least 50 schools all over Goa and reach out to a minimum of 10,000 students, some of whom would turn out to be prospective delegates at the SCI-FFI. The outreach programme intends to take the scientist and experts to the schools.


Sr No. School
1 Deepvihar Higher Secondary School
2 KV Bambolim
4 Our Lady of Rosary Higher Secondary
5 Pragati Vidyalaya, Verem
6 St. Thereza High School, Raia
7 Manovikas English Medium School, Margao
8 Adarsh High School
9 Mahila Nutan High School
10 St. Francis Xavier High School
11 A.I.M High School
12 Manovikas High School
13 Gurudas Gawas Memorial High School
14 Government High School, Keri
15 Ganesh Vidyalaya, Harwale
16 Govind Gunaji High School, Sarvan
17 Government High School, Valpoi
18 Siddharth Bandodkar Higher Secondary, Velguem
19 Our lady of Grace, Bicholim
20 Government Higher Secondary, Valpoi
21 Shantadurga Higher Secondary School
22 Bhumika High School, Paryem
23 Bhumika Higher Secondary School, Paryem
24 Government High School, Morlem
25 Dyanjyothi Hgh School, Karapur
26 Government Higher Secondary School, Sankhali
27 Progress High School, Sankhali
28 Presentation Convent High school
29 Presentation Convent Higher Secondary School
30 DMC Higher Secondary School
31 Progress High School, Panaji
32 Navachaitanya High School, Corlim
33 Vidya Vikas Academy
34 Vidya Vikas Higher Secondary
35 Dr. K. B. Hedgewar High School
36 Dr. K. B. Hedgewar Higher Secondary School
37 Dr. Sakharam Gude High School
38 New Education Institute, Savordem
39 RPRS High School, Ponda
40 Navdurga High School, Madkai
41 SSV Government High School, Kumbharjua
42 Sarawati High School, Kumbharjua
43 Smt. Sunandabai High School, Salvador de Mund
44 The Rosary High School, Miramar
45 Damodar high school, Loliem
46 Balaram High school, Canacona
47 Mushtifund High school
48 Almeida High school
49 PES Higher Secondary
50 Mushtifund Higher Secondary
51 MIBK, Khandepar
52 Government High School, Kundaim
53 Wagle High School, Mangeshi
54 Surshree Kesarbai Kerkar High school, Keri
55 Dayanand Arya High school, Neura
56 Shiksha Sadan, Priol
57 Saraswat High School, Mapusa
58 Saraswati High school, Ponda
59 Mahanandu High school, bhoma
60 Pragati High school, Borim
61 Mahalaxmi High school, Ponda
62 Sharada English High School, Durbhat
63 Fr. Agnel School, Verna
64 L.B.H.D Government High school, Thane
65 Sharada Mandir, Miramar
66 Vasant Vidyalaya, Siolim
67 Shanta Vidyalaya, Sodiem
68 Ganesh Vidyalaya, Mapusa
69 L.D. Samant Memorial School