Projectile challenge

projectileHey Kids, ready to throw your unique ideas???
Remember Movie Baahubali!!!?? where they throw huge rocks/balls over the enemy!!
Played  ANGRY BIRDS!!!! ??????

Start with throwing a Tennis ball….. the
farthest…….the highest…. and be the greatest….

How do I?

One way is Muscle power………that all have….
Why dont you build a machine which is like your extra powerful arm??? A SUPER ARM

Yeah!!! Thats the Challenge.

Build a Machine/Device/Sling/Catapult which can throw a TENNIS BALL.

What do I Learn? (you might be thinking)

You learn the Physics and Math behind projectile motion, Force required and the initial launching angle required to send a projectile highest/farthest…. (imagine Ballistic Missiles).

What should i Do to build my SUPER ARM???

  1. Know the weight of tenis ball (~ 60 g) (Ball will be provided at the venue)
  2. use any material to make a secured and stable platform/base.
  3. NO SPRINGS to be used for the launch of projectile.
  4. Choosing flexible materials which can bend or stretch easily.
  5. MONEY!!!! approximately spend Rs. 50/- only.


The stable launchpad throwing the farthest will grab a PRIZE …


Venue: INOX Courtyard
Date: 15 January, 2016
Time: 16:00 hrs – Registration
16:30 hrs – Actual event
Prize distribution on 17th Jan at 17.00 Hrs during valedictory