“Aeromodelling” by Commander Ananthanarayan (Vet.)

Space can be construed as the distance between two points, or on planet Earth, the distance between two locations.  The world as we know today is a global village, thanks to the developing understanding of aerodynamics which led to the invention of air travel. Aerodynamics then led to rocketry and space travel.

The ability to cover vast distances in a relatively short time have thus caused a paradigm shift in our perceptions of space and distance.  And these perspectives are evolving everyday with newer, better and faster modes of air travel !   Making an object that can be easily flown is a fascinating experience for all ages.

Join Retd. Commander Ananthanarayanan and walk through basics of aerodynamics (How airplanes fly) followed by an introduction to aero-modelling. Get introduced to the unique technique of “Walk Along Gliding” technically known as “Controlled Slope Soaring”.

Because “walk along gliding” involves flying an object without any motor or any power source, it almost seems like magic!