SCIFFI Goa – International Science Film Festival

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The Science Festival Comes to Goa...

Use of Science is an important factor in Nation building. With its rich traditional knowledge and practices, with its youth and above all, with its desire and determination to prosper, India looks at Science as a vehicle to meet aspiration of its people. In this context Vidnyan Parishad, Goa, a unit of Vijnana Bharati, a science movement with Swadeshi spirit, is performing its role by organizing many events in Goa. leverage the potential of Goa as a  festival destination by organizing the 1st edition of Science Film festival of India in Goa. Science  are a very easy and effective medium to further the cause of science as it has the largest potential to attract students to science. the same cinematic experience as they do today. With visual effects and voice modulation, something that is fantastical and can feel real in the movie theatre. In addition to , Workshops have been planned to provide a Hand’s on experience to make Science exiting. Various competitions have been also planned to involve people from non science background science To further the cause of science among the student community, we propose to Science has played a huge role in cinema. If not for technology, viewers may not have had So we invite you all to celebrate and enjoy science at the SCI-FFI

Soak in festival fever with 3 days of science talks and interactions.

SCI-FFI 2022, Indian Knowledge System (IKS) registration