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Dr. Raj Vedam

Was India the Source of any Knowledge? 

Dr. Raj Vedam

Abstract : Received wisdom positions India as a new civilization from the time of the Brahmi script and the Magadha Empire in 300 BCE, when compared with other ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greeks and Chinese. Although India had an ancient civilization contemporary with ancient Egypt, the Harappa civilization is treated in today’s academic discourse as a disconnected isolate with questionable continuity to the later Indian civilization. Indian Knowledge systems such as astronomy or mathematics are therefore positioned as having been learnt from the ancient Greeks or Romans or Babylonians. In this talk, the speaker will examine the roots of our present day knowledge systems and trace a connected path in history to ancient knowledge systems. In doing so, the speaker will examine in brief the history of sciences in the ancient world and will show remarkable connectedness between them. The talk will cast light on less discussed aspects of ancient Indian Knowledge Systems in Medicine,Astronomy and Mathematics.

About the speaker: Raj Vedam holds a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering, and has many years of multi-disciplinary work experience in diverse industries including Power, Aircraft, analog and digital Electronic Design Automation, and Oil & Gas. With several journal and conference papers and patents, he is an innovationleader, with strong interest in multiple areas of technology. His current professional interests include optimization, modeling and machine learning.
As a scientist, Raj Vedam researches the roots of modern sciences, mathematics and technology.Whereas Western narratives favor the origin of astronomy and math (among other fields) as havingoriginated outside India and imported into India during various invasions, Raj Vedam’s multi-disciplinary studies using data from several published sources reveal otherwise. His research proposes an ancient Indian civilization that made advances in several fields of knowledge.
Dr. Vedam believes that an evidence-based narrative of Indian history is urgently needed to correct thegrievously distorted identity and history of the Indian civilization. Towards that, he has delivered over 150 talks in various cities in India and USA and over a dozen teacher-training workshops. He is a visiting faculty at Hindu University of America and offers courses on his research findings. He has also taken the lead in reviewing and correcting school history textbooks in two states in India and in Texas in USA.

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